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İstatistiksel hesaplama

Accounting, Payroll and Reporting Services

Muhasebe Servisleri
Bordro Hizmetleri

Accounting Services

  • Bookkeeping in accordance with Turkish Legislation and Preparation of All Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Tax Returns

  • Examining Accounting Records According to Tax Laws

  • Carrying out the Relevant Center, Workplace and/or Branch Opening Procedures in the Tax Offices, Social Security Institution and Regional Employment Directorates

  • Conversion of Uniform Chart of Accounts Reports to Report Formats (IFRS, US GAAP)

  • Preparation of Management Reports

  • Software Selection and Integration with Accounting System

  • Quickbooks Online Experience

Payroll Services


  • Payroll Processing and Control

  • Preparation of Monthly Social Security Statements

  • Processing the Application and Dropping Documents

  • Termination and Termination Severance Pay Services

  • Draft Business Contracts

  • Personnel Annual Income Tax Refund

  • Temporary or Permanent Trained Personnel

  • Labor Law Consultancy No. 4857

Company Secretariat


  • Organizing the Company's Board of Directors and General Assembly Meetings, Preparing the Agenda and Keeping Minutes

  • Keeping Legal Books Including Member Registrations

  • Establishment, Closing and Address Change Procedures of Tax and Social Security Administration and Company, Branch and Liaison Offices

  • Contribute to Meeting Discussions and Advise Members on the Legal, Governance, Accounting and Tax Consequences of Proposed Policies

  • Monitoring Changes in Relevant Legislation and Regulatory Environment and Taking Appropriate Actions

  • Liaising with External Regulators and Consultants such as Lawyers and Auditors

  • Development and Oversight of Systems to Ensure Compliance of the Company with All Applicable Laws, Legal and Legal Requirements

  • Obtaining Residence and Work Permits for Those Living Abroad

Şirket Sekreterliği
Masa Başında Raporları İncelemek

Audit Services

  • Audit of Financial Statements According to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

  • Audit of Interim Financial Statements and Special Audits (Fraud)

  • Assistance with Mergers, Acquisitions and Due Diligence

  • Review of Operational Audit and Internal Control Systems

  • Private Financial Studies

Devam et

Management Consultancy

  • Processing of Payroll System and Tax Compliance

  • Registration, Filing and Payment of Social Security and Personal Income Tax

  • Preparation of Pension, Sickness and Maternity Benefits

  • Severance and Severance Pay

  • Termination and Termination Severance Pay Services

  • Draft Business Contracts

  • Personnel Annual Income Tax Refund

  • Labor Law Consultancy No. 4857

  • Temporary or Permanent Trained Personnel

Muhasebe belgeleri

Tax and Consultancy Services

  • Tax Outsourcing

  • Tax Planning and Incentive Consultancy Services

  • VAT Solutions and VAT Consulting

  • Free Zone Consultancy

  • Tax Issues for Foreign Workers

  • Services Related to Disputes with Tax Authorities

  • International Tax Planning Services

  • International Tax Planning Services

  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Due Diligence

Borsa İzleme

Corporate Finance

  • Company Reviews

  • Risk Analysis Studies

  • Funding for Companies

  • IPO Transactions

  • Finding Foreign Investor Partners for Companies

Kredi Kartıyla Online Alışveriş

Transfer Pricing

  • Creating the Company's Transfer Pricing Strategy

  • Adapting the Corporate Global TP Strategy to Turkey

  • Evaluation and Risk Analysis of 6 existing TP Documentation Systems

  • Advance Pricing Agreement (APA)

  • Support Services for TP Disputes

  • Annual Transfer Pricing Report

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